new series: back in time

since it has been more or less impossible to travel since 2020, i have been visiting places in or near berlin that provide another kind of travel: back in time.

abandoned buildings are frozen in time, often waiting for demolition (while getting vandalized and destroyed on a smaller scale by people passing through). inside these buildings, you can feel incredibly connected to the history of the place and people´s lives spent there.

Panzerkaserne Bernau, 2021

video release: mir express “odyssey” for down by the river festival

for 2020´s edition of down by the river, the bands taking part in the festival were creating new visual artworks as their contribution. my pictures are featured in mir express´ video project “odyssey”

link to the video on the festival website here

release: destinys chlid/mir express split 7″ vinyl

die letzte metro released a split 7″ of berlin newcomers destinys chlid and mir express on january 24th with my pictures of both bands on the cover

listen to it here

print: 8MM magazin

i´m happy to announce that 8MM bar is publishing a beautiful print magazine for their november 2019 SYNÄSTHESIE festival which features several of my pictures from berlin underground venues

portrait: catholic action

berlin photo session with glaswegian band catholic action

exhibition: lost underground

installation views from lost underground exhibition 21. & 22. june @ humboldthain club

exhibition: lost underground

pictures from vanished berlin clubs

june 21 & 22 2019 wddim @ humboldthain club, berlin